Charging Station for Restaurants


Portable charging station to provide restaurants, bars & hotels customers a convenient way of charging their device freely anywhere inside your restaurant or outside in the patio.

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In an age when consumers rely on mobile devices and expect to stay connected 24/7, having a low cell phone battery can be enough of a reason to go home. Movow Portable Charging Station for Restaurants is the way to attract and retain more customers by providing them a convenient and flexible solution for charging quickly and safely their device anywhere inside your restaurant or even outside in your patio. No need any more to be tied to a wall outlet, no more fear of having a device stolen, no more captive phone in a lock box and consequently important phone calls, messages or emails missed.

This elegant dock is a professional charging station for restaurants but obviously also for bars, hotels, resorts, convention centers, theme parks, fitness centers, hair salons and all kinds of events or businesses. The dock charges 8 x powerful 2600 mAh lithium-ion batteries, each one with both iPhone (lightning) and Android (micro USB) built-in cables to fully charge most smartphones on the market, as well as Kindle, e-cigarettes… and even up to 2 devices simultaneously.  On each power bank 5 blue LED’s indicate remaining battery level and offer a remarkable light effect attracting customers. Anti-theft mode: batteries can only be charged from their docking station to avoid any temptation. Last but not least they are very safe offering over charge, over discharge, over heat, over current, over voltage, short circuit and auto power off protections.

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Weight 1.5 kg

White Charging Station, Black Charging Station, White Additional Battery (optional), Black Additional Battery (optional)


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